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Reptile Rescue of Northeast Florida

There is sometimes an adoption fee for a reptile that covers the cost of keeping the reptile and any other expenses that have occurred. The adoption fee is non refundable, if you decide to return the reptile to us. Please make sure you research all there is about keeping a reptile as a pet, they are different than keeping furry pets. We will be more than happy to answer any questions about keeping a reptile that you have. All reptiles that are up for adoption have been with us for a period of time so we can determine that they are eating well, disease free and what their temperament is.


Ball python male

about 4 years old and little over 3 feet.
Good temperament. Easy to handle.
 Adopted by Herp Society member,


Slider pond turtle

She is about 4 inches and she is looking for a new home.



Buddy is a two year old Bearded Dragon and is looking for a new home.
 Buddy is about 18 inches and is very tame.
  Adopted by Herp Society member,


Female Iguana

She is a little over 2 years old and about 3 feet, mostly tail.
She needs to be handled more. She just doesn't want to sit still.
She is in good health and eating well.
 Adopted by Herp Society member,

Turtle needs new home

Not sure what kind he is but has a lot of red, very colorful. He is about 4 inches.

To drop off reptiles email for directions.

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